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From: Jacobson, Donald

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Please find below a list of email addresses and URLs of sites that you can use to get assistance/guidance/info on a wide variety of issues, including assignments, payroll, travel, leave, training, etc.  For many kinds of admin questions, the Center for Administrative Innovation's "Ask Admin" (a knowledge base you can query) is often a good place to start.  The URL is


The email addresses are all general email boxes.  I can't vouch for all of them, but I have used many of them and have been consistently pleased with the responsiveness of the people at the other end.


Human Resources Issues


HR Online (i.e. eBid, eOPF, Employee Profile, Resume Builder)


Problems with eBid?

Write to


Problems with your eOPF?

Contact HR/EX/ADM/RM at  (Your eOPF is an online copy of your admin and performance files, i.e. your SF-50s and EERs)


Trying to figure out a complicated leave issue? (e.g. Family and Medical Leave)

Send your questions to


Need assistance from the Family Liaison Office?

Email them at


Want to raise an issue with the Director General?

Write to


Want to provide feedback (good or bad) about service from the HR Bureau?

Fill out the survey at:

Training Issues


Need to see your training schedule and/or training history?  Log in at:


Questions about mandatory leadership training?


Would you or your subordinates like to take online training for free? (Over 1,800 courses to choose from!)


Financial Issues


Payroll problems?  Need to update your W4?

Contact the Payroll Customer Support Center at


Questions about the transit subsidy program (i.e. MetroChek)?



Questions about the Student Loan Repayment Program?

Write to


Transfer and Travel Issues


Questions about travel benefits?


(This is for issues relating to R&R, Emergency Visitation Travel, Family Visitation Travel, and Travel of Children of Separated Families)


Need to organize your move?

Check our WebMove:

Also available through the internet at:


Want to track your shipments?

Use "Where is My Shipment?" at:


Are you in Washington and need plane reservations?


I hope you find this information of some utility.


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Don Jacobson

Career Development Officer (CONS)


Main State Rm 2425

Tel: 202-647-4779

Fax: 202-736-4075

HR/CDA website:

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