Angelica Danaher - Tirana
Anissa Hanson - Cairo
Anne Luna - HR/REE
Barbara Jensen - Dakar
Bridget Walsh - Bucharest
Carole Akgun - Ashgabat
Carole Manley - Kinshasa
Cathy Boseovski - Jakarta
Cecile Sakla - Paris
Daryl Hegendorfer - Maseru
Deborah Mahoney - HR/CDA/ML
Diane O'Neal - Tel Aviv
Diane Rogers - Accra
Dolores D. Ogle - Buenos Aires
Elaine Beauford - EAP
Eugenia Wray - New Delhi
Evelyn Polidoro - Nairobi
Frances Youmans - HR/CDA/ML
Ginger Richter - Damascus
Ina Sawyer - Bridgetown
Joan Bower - Seoul
Judith Brooks - Copenhagen
Judith Reed - Hong Kong
Julia Harrison - Nassau
Karen Baker - Port of Spain
Kathleen Ebert - Bratislava
Kathry Coster - Maputo
Kelly Hopkins - WHA
Lavay Miller - Kathmandu
Liliana Celin - HR/PE
Linda R. Clark - Sarajevo
Linda Ingalls - London
Linda Landers - S/ES-S
Linda Loth - Colombo
Linda Mason-Witt - The Hague
Linda Ren - San Jose
Linda Romero - Dhaka
Llywelyn Graeme - Beijing
Lola Shockley - Singapore
Lucia Valenzuela - Frankfurt
Lynn Bitters - Bishkek
Maria de Veyra - Manila
Maria Schamber - Lusaka
Mary Ann Lucey - EUR
Mary Metzger - IO/USUN
Michelle Willoughby - Lisbon
Mishele Ainsley - Ottawa
Mona Blaibel - Ankara
Muriel Luck - Tegucigalpa
Olivia Lindenberg - Kuwait
Patricia Rhodes - Beijing
Patti Hagopian - Lilongwe
Sonjia Swann - San Salvador
Teresa Girone - Vilnius
Victoria Crebbin - AF
Victoria Tunba - Ljubljana
Virginia Burns - Rangoon
Virginia Smith - HR/DRI
Documents and Links:
(Note: some of the links are to the Intranet so will not be able to be viewed from an
Internet computer; also some documents are large so many take time to download)
Conference Schedule
Informal Conference Summary by Linda Ingalls
Transcript (coming soon)
Proposals to send to Management
Pictures from the conference (click on OMS folder)
Training and Certification:
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
FSI: FasTrac, Distance Learning
FSI/SAIT/IMT OMS Training Track: May 17-28 (e-mail Claudia Romeo to register)

Rick's MOS Certification Notes:
Beginning Word, Intermediate Word, Advanced Word, Word for Power Users,
Beginning Excel, Intermediate Excel, Advanced Excel, Excel for Power Users,
Beginning Outlook, Advanced Outlook
Beginning Access, Intermediate Access, Advanced Access
Beginning PowerPoint, Advanced PowerPoint

OMS Staff, Presentations & Staff:
Claudia Romeo - OMS Coordinator:
Jacalyn Stein - OMT:
Donna Stoffer - OMT Director:
Maxine Jeffries - CDO:
Loretta Hight - CDO:
Ellen Haines - CDO:

Opening Remarks: by U/S for Management Grant Green, Director General of the
Foreign Service Amb
W. Robert Pearson, and Secretary of State Colin Powell
Appreciative Inquiry Presentation: by Mac Saddoris, HR/CSP/CD/CDRC:
E-Diplomacy Presentation:
by Amb James Holmes, IRM/BPC:
SMART Presentation: (will replace CableXpress)
Charlie Wisecarver, MSO Director:
WebGram Presentation:
by Eddie Barclay, IRM/OPS/MSO/MSP/OP:
PDAs/SWEET Presentation:
by Kevin Gatlin, IRM/OPS/MSO/MSD/DB:
MS Office Presentation: by Richard Mangus, Pol OMS Mexico City: or, Rick's Presentation - Xtra
Reading - Template Examples (click on MS Office then Templates)
and by
Llywelyn Graeme, PAS OMS Beijing: - Presentation
Word Document Webpage Presentation: by Theresa Tierney, P OMS:, Theresa's Presentation - P Manual
PortalX Presentation: Margarida Yuan:, Joni Taylor:, Mike Cole:
Panel Discussion - You and the Assignments Process: with Maxine Jeffries,
Loretta Hight, Ellen Haines, Helena Reca, Assignments Division Technician:, and Theresa Everett, Deputy AF Assignments Officer -
FSI Presentation: by FSI Director Katherine Peterson:
Mandatory Leadership and Management Training, Leadership and Managment
Training Continuum,  Office Management Training, Training Continua (new)
FasTrac Presentation: by Beth Nolte, FSI/EX/REG:
OMS Selection Boards Presentation: by Jacquie Smith, HR/PE:
Your EER Presentation: by Patricia Keegan, PDAS OMS NEA/FO:; EERs: Directives Management EER Forms and Instructions
(Word versions are on bottom of the page), Word User Tips; HR/PE 2003-4 EER
Guidance; HR/CDA Scorecards; 2004 EER Cables: (Lessons Learned, Role of
Review Panels, Technical Tips, Timely Submission)
3 FAM 2815 Inadmissible
Comments; DGs in State Magazine very useful advice (Apr 2004, p. 9; Apr 2003, p.
9; Apr 2002, p 6.)
AFSA Presentation: by James Yorke: and
Louise Crane:
DRI Presentation: by Niels Marquardt, HR/DRTF:
Career Mobility Programs Presentation: by Ann Covington, HR/CDA/EL:
Raaga Restaurant: 5872 Leesburg Pike (Bailey's Crossroads), Falls Church, VA
22041-2309, (703)998-7000
Closing Remarks: Barry Wells, FSI Deputy Director:
*My templates I showed are a work in progress and are constantly being updated, but I would be
happy to send some of them to anyone who e-mails me requesting them.
Send comments or documents to or
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NEA Regional OMS Conference
Feb. 21-23, 2005, Cairo, Egypt
- Location: Four Seasons, Cairo
- Cairo's OMS Regional Conference Web Site
- Schedule
- Speakers
- Contacts
- Delegate Notes: Helen Kelly,
Helpful Documents from OMS:
Exporting Microsoft Outlook Calendar from Theresa Girone
NEA Regional OMS Conference Participants in front of the Pyramids of Egypt
OMS Bangkok Regional Training
June 20-24, 2005
This is the 2005 OMS Conference in Washington, D.C.
2005 OMS Conference: Sally I Banner; Elaine P Beauford; Tara
A Bell; Wendy M Bieber; Jeffrey L Bing; Ellen L Brooks; Allyson J
Cornish; Tracey A De Rosa; Roland Elliott; Dominique S Emery;
Marites V Eustaquio; Janice Forman; Robin W Goertz; Marcia
Gutierrez; Linda Hartsock; Patricia L Hennessy; Jean H Ishii;
Carolyn Jacobs; Elizabeth A Lavergne; Joann M Liner-Collins;
Jane Y Lopez; Lorraine E Mabazza; N Susan MacDonald; Timothy
W Markley; Arthur D Martinez; Sarah W Mendenhall; Sally
Mitchell; Janice A Morris; Frances C Parish; Martha A Petitt;
Patricia C Quinn; Katherine Ramirez; Kristin Rohde; Stella B
Speris; Debra P Tous; Nicholas Unger; Elizebeth E Veghte; Karin
S Wallace; Kendl Williams;
Linda Hartsock's Notes;